Interview hints and tips

Do your research about us and the job description
Know your CV and be able to explain your experience and make it relevant and valuable
Sell yourself. If you say you are good at a particular task, make sure you can back it up with specific examples. Some popular interview questions are open-ended and we appreciate well thought-out answers
Be friendly and approachable, professional and personable in your manner and appearance
Listen carefully to the questions given in the interview and keep your answers sharp and to the point. This is much easier if you are have prepared well and have some examples in mind
Don't give answers you think we want to hear. Answer honestly according to your personality. Getting the job is not the only important thing. Finding out whether you fit into our culture is as well. We have a very comprehensive referencing process and appreciate your honesty at the outset
Numerical and Verbal reasoning tests may take place during the interview process, so to find out more, please visit:
Make sure you have questions to ask, either about the company, the role itself or the team
Ensure you arrive with all the relevant documentation
The best of luck!